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Our Story

Cuppa Bliss was created one morning at 4 am when I was up working, and had heated my latte with extra whip in the microwave. When I removed the mug, the handle was so hot -- I loosened my grip just enough to spill hot coffee on myself and my leather couch! I searched everywhere to find a product to wrap around my mug handle, but found that nothing like this existed. So, I decided to create the product myself... and, the Cuppa Bliss was born!

This revolutionary product is made from 100% neoprene (wetsuit material) with a soft nylon laminate for a cushiony grip. It is heat-tested to the boiling point, protecting your fingers from the heat of your mug handle. No matter what food or beverage you enjoy in your, tea, soup, oatmeal, omelet, or a cookie in a cup...Cuppa Bliss has you covered! 

Cuppa Bliss is a kitchen accessory for all ages. Our customers include children enjoying hot chocolate or a brownie-in-a-cup, college students studying for long hours, working professionals who linger over a cup of coffee/tea returning emails or while in meetings, and our more mature customers who rave about Cuppa Bliss because our product makes it easier for them to grip their mug handle. 

Cuppa Bliss fits both regular and specialty mugs, and is available in four beautiful colors (2 per pack), so you can always differentiate your mug from another. Order your Cuppa Bliss Mug Handle Wrap today and never burn your fingers on your mug handle!